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New Special Enrollment Period

There will be a special enrollment period from March 15 to April 30 for Marylanders who will have to pay the tax penalty this year because they didn’t realize federal law requires everyone to have health insurance will get extra time to enroll in a plan.  Learn more.

2014 Tax Preparation

Tax time may be a little more complicated for those who received financial assistance for their 2014 health insurance.  Here are some useful resources:  Maryland-specific information; background information and tools from HHS; and IRS tax tip sheets .  Find more information on the tax section of our Eligibility and Enrollment page.


2015 General Assembly

The 2015 General Assembly Session ended on April 13, 2015.

On the FY2016 budget, we await Governor's Hogan's decision on the restoration of funding to restore the Medicaid cuts for pegnant women, family planning, and provider rates.  In the budget passed by both the House and Senate, the required funding was "fenced off," but the Governor is not obligated to spend it.  He has until August 15th to notify the Legislature of his intentions.

Learn more about the legislation that passed.

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Report suggests Maryland should repay federal government for subsidy

On March 27, after a nearly year-long analysis, the  Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services released its report.  The analysts found that Maryland had misallocated millions of dollars between its Establishment Grants and Medicaid.  Carolyn Quattrocki, MHBE Executive Director, stated in a Baltimore Sun article,  "We really feel we followed federal guidance."  To learn more, read: 

Read the MHBE's full response.

Read a list of FAQ's from the MHBE.

Find the OIG's report here.

Read this useful article  by Jenna Johnson in the Washington Post.


Health Care Value Hub

Consumers Union launched its new Health Care Value Hub at an event on Friday attended by advocates from across the country.  

Elisabeth Rosenthal, author of the New York Times seriesPaying Till It Hurts, set the tone for the discussions by saying "our health system is failing us."  Find the Facebook page here.

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Hub will frame the issues, provide research andstrategies to address them, and highlight areas for advocacy.   

Maryland is highlighted in the State News section, which includes an  interesting pilot project in Oregon. Community health centers in several counties are being paid a flat monthly fee to curb health care costs by putting money into primary care.  Learn more

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Better, Smarter, Healthier

The President and HHS Secretary Burwell launched the new Better, Smarter, Healthier campaign.  The Health Services and Cost Review Commission's Executive Director, Donna Kinzer, was in the audience.

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Pregnant Women and Special Enrollment Periods

Pregnancy is not a "major life change" that qualifies women to apply for coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Periods, or during what is called a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Learn more about what is being done about this at both the state and federal level.

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King v. Burwell

A lot is at stake in the King v. Burwell case challenging the payment of subsidies through the federally facilitated marketplaces. Get the facts, read news articles and more.

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