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Health Care Reform Engagement Party

Save September 19th for our party in Annapolis. Agenda will include Maryland's initiatives to improve population health and health outcomes and reduce costs. We will also discuss a consumer and engagement campaign.

My Healthcare. My Decision.

Unfortunately, a majority of the Supreme Court doesn't see it this way. Instead, for the first time, in the 5-to-4 decision on the Hobby Lobby case, the Court gave women's bosses the right to put their own religious beliefs ahead of those of their employees. The Coalition agrees with four of the Justices, including the three women, that the majority got it wrong. As the decision is being analyzed watch for further information. For now: 

  • Get the facts about what it means for states, including those like Maryland. Which has and does not have a state version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) nor a contraceptive equity law.
  • Learn more from our friends at Raising Women's Voices
  • On July 3rd, the three women Justices reacted angrily to the Court's latest action, which, "... temporarily exempted a Christian College from part of the regulations that provide contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act." NY Times

It is worth noting that, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll women, by a margin of 59% to 35%, oppose the idea of letting companies deny coverage of contraceptives based on their owners' religious beliefs.

MD Health Benefit Exchange

As Maryland Health Connection moves to a new IT platform it closed its current portal on July 18, 2014.   But, you may be eligible for a special enrollment before the next open enrollment period starting onNovember 15, 2014.  Learn more – link to that page w/ info.  Medicaid and CHIP eligible individuals can enroll at any time.  Contact the local connector entity (link), health department or department of social services or call 1.855.642.8572.

The Exchange’s June 27 report cited that 300,310 individuals had enrolled in Medicaid and 72,207 individuals were enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP).

Making Health Care Delivery Work for Consumers

The Affordable Care Act creates new opportunities to promote a more cost-effective and patient-centered approaches to the delivery of health care.  As advocates, we are working to make sure that these work for consumers.  

State Innovation Model (SIM)

DHMH recently submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) its State Healthcare Innovation Plan, (SIM) with a proposal for a Community Integrated Medical Home model. Read our comments. The next step in the process is for DHMH to respond by late July to an official "Funding Opportunity Application." Further information will be posted as available.

All-Payer Hospital System Modernization (Medicare Waiver)

Maryland has received a waiver from CMS, which modernizes the state’s  unique all-payer rate-setting system for hospital services. View a presentation about the project.  

Learn more about Maryland’s payment and delivery system reform initiatives.